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Zealous Legal Protection You Need After A Catastrophic Event

If you or a loved one are struggling financially after your property was damaged or you suffered catastrophic injuries, you need to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Attorney Sean Hernandez understands the difficult times you and your loved ones may be enduring. He offers a no-charge, no-obligation initial consultation to evaluate your potential claim. Mr. Hernandez is a former insurance industry attorney and is familiar with the arguments that insurance companies use to minimize settlements and deny claims. Now, he uses that knowledge to maximize your claim.

Tenacious Legal Representation In Personal Injury

The services provided at Sean Hernandez Law, P.A., include legal counsel for individuals who suffered catastrophic injuries due to a third party’s negligent actions. However, it is important to take timely action after an injury and have knowledgeable legal representation. For example, Florida victims should seek medical care and file their personal injury protection (PIP) coverage claim within 14 days after the accident to prevent insurers from denying their claim. In addition, Mr. Hernandez can help you determine what your compensation should include and advocate for your best interests.

An Attorney To Help You Maximize Settlements In Property Damage Claims

If your home was damaged due to hurricanes, vandalism, fire, storms and other causes, you may be eligible to recover compensation. Mr. Hernandez can evaluate the damage to your home and review your insurance policy coverage to make sure you are getting proper compensation for your losses. He will discuss your options and potential legal strategies to fight for a fair settlement.

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